Common Carpet Issues

Shedding or Fluffing 

A new carpet can sometimes leave small balls of wool on the surface. This is very common in a newly fitted carpet and gentle, regular vacuuming will remove this. If it persists after a few months contact your supplier.


This is the untwisting of the fibres in the carpet creating a matted look. This is often caused by heavy wear in one area. Contact your supplier if this has occurred sooner than you may have expected. It could be the case of the underlay not performing and needs to be addressed.

Colour Fading and Matching

Wool carpets will fade over time if exposed to daylight, this process will be accelerated if the area is in strong sunlight for long periods of time.

Carpet colour can vary batch to batch, so it is import that

your new floor comes from the same batch. It must also be fitted with the pile going in the same direction to ensure a colour match.

Pile Reversal

Pile Reversal is a change in the pile direction that can very occasionally appear in a carpet or rug and can make areas of the carpet look lighter or darker when viewed from different directions. Pile reversal is not normally considered a carpet ‘fault’, as it has no specific cause or cure.

Draught Marking and Filtration Soiling – Commonly seen as soiling and dark marks along the edges of a room, though also often under doors and near air vents. This is caused by airflow over the carpet causing airborne dirt particles to settle on the surface. Whilst this may be caused by an in-balance in the ventilation system, it can also be attributed in some instances to incorrect or careless fitting where adequate care to seal the skirting surrounding the carpet has not been taken.

Colour Fading and matching

Wool carpets will fade over time when exposed to ultra violet light (daylight), but this can we worse if the carpet is subjected to strong sunlight cosistantly for example in conservatories. It is important to distinguish between normal  

colour fading and inconsistencies in carpet manufacture. British carpets are produced to high standards, although there will occasionally be a slight variation in colour from batch to batch.


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